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Breaking news! man who escaped a ball hanging cult secret society within science explains what they do in a interview

Breaking news! man who escaped a ball hanging cult secret society within science explains what they do in a interview


View earth from space 360 degrees!

View Earth: New Ballon Launch!! you can rotate Camera 360 degrees!!

New balloon launch….

You can move the camera to where you want to watch view the earth from the balloon they launched…

Edit: Of course the flat earthers already have seen it..

It’s cool though you can pause the video at any time and spin the camera 360 degrees!!

Don’t watch that,
Watch this instead,


Globe Earth Celebration Song

Globe Earth Celebration Song
Dancing on the ceiling – Lionel Ritchie

They plan a fake alien attack

They plan a fake alien attack

Part two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Balls Out Physics Episode 1: Planes Flying on a Spinning Ball

Balls Out Physics Episode 1: Planes Flying on a Spinning Ball

Published on Aug 24, 2015A problem for discussion involving a plane flying relative to a rotating Earth. In the problem were are a “stationary” observer watching the plane fly on a spinning Earth, so this is why the rotation of Earth is relevant. The problem is that the plane ends up with a greater velocity to the east than that of the north-south orientated runway that it is trying to land on. There must be some unknown force that can balance out these differences in velocities for ALL planes that fly east or west during their flights. How do we calculate this force? Where does it come from? The only way to get rid of the need for the force is to stop the Earth from spinning. If we can’t calculate this, the Earth does not spin. We are able to calculate forces and velocities for all situations throughout Physics. There cannot be an exception for this. The problem also looks at the curvature the plane would have to fly over to get from one airport to the other. It appears that the plane would have to constantly “nose down” to follow the curvature. Please review, comment, and discuss!

Special thanks to Michael Kahnke for creating the Curvature Chart!

Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable | Ep #11 Ball Earther SPECIAL (19-Aug-2015)

Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable | Ep #11 Ball Earther SPECIAL (19-Aug-2015) ball Earth Theory

Streamed live on Aug 19, 2015Join Matrix Decode, David Weiss and host John le Bon for another installment of the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable. This is a special episode featuring three ball earthers who will be given a fair chance to argue for and defend their ball earth beliefs. Joining us first will be Critical Unity. Later in the show we will be joined by Reds Rhetoric (plus one).

The format for each guest will be as follows:
1) 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time for the guest to make their best case for ball earth theory.
2) Initial questions from the panel to help understand the ball earth model being put forward (and responses from the guest).
3) Objections from the panel regarding the guests’ claims/evidence/logic/etc and responses from the guest.
4) General discussion.

Note that the topic of discussion for the show will be the ball earth theory. The guests have been invited onto the panel to argue FOR and defend the ball earth theory, NOT to argue against flat earth theory or concave earth theory or any other theory. It is up to each guest to outline precisely which ball earth theory they will be arguing for and defending. Arguments against other earth theories are not arguments for ball earth theory and will not be accepted. Each of the guests has agreed to this format in correspondence off the air prior to the show. The expectations of all panelists and guests are as follows: No personal attacks, no interrupting other speakers, no going off-topic. Failure to abide by the prearranged topic, format or expectations will result in booting from the hangout.

Critical Unity:
Reds Rhetoric:

Wednesday: 8am US EDT | 1pm Britain BST | 10pm Aus EST

Matrix Decode:…

MODERATION POLICY: A livechat will be in operation during the show. Healthy discussion is encouraged and constructive criticism of the panel/other commenters is welcomed, as is jocular banter. When commenters are believed to be intentionally trolling/causing trouble, bans will be handed out. Known/regular commenters will generally be warned before being banned. Unknown/new commenters may be summarily banned. If you have your heart set on acting like a spanner, start your own show and spanner up to your hearts content.

The moonlight is cold : flat earth experiments

The moonlight is cold : flat earth experiments

Certain leading flat earth proponents claim that moonlight is ‘cold’, and that objects in direct moonlight are measurably colder than those in the shade. To test this theory I conducted a rudimentary experiment, using three outdoor thermometers and a magnifying glass. Although not scientifically rigorous, the experiment nonetheless yielded some (hopefully) insightful results.

For the raw, uninterrupted footage from the experiment, please see the following video on the JohnleBonEXTRA channel:

NOTE: This experiment, and its explanation, were not intended to be perfectly ‘scientific’. For instance, terms such as ‘theory’, ‘hypothesis’ and ‘prediction’ were used interchangeably during the experiment. In future experiments, I will endeavour to be more technically correct. For now, I hope you can appreciate this video for what it is 🙂